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Our goal at Lara Arabians is about creating an enhanced legacy! We are taking the legacy bloodlines of our outstanding mares and matching them up with awesome, winning stallions to lend a hand to God in creating the most beautiful foals possible. And, perhaps, 10 to 15 years from now others can say that a legacy was indeed created as the fillies and colts from Lara Arabians became the foundation for a new generation of Super Stars.  As a result of artificial insemination, we have access to the “Great Ones”–the best of the best sires around the world. While our farm is not a “girls only” operation, most of the “Arabian residents” here are mares.

Here at Lara Arabians Farm we have 3 beautiful Arabian Mares. Mares that will carry forward the pedigree names. Lara Arabians breeding program begins with our outstanding mares – Isaana – a 2003 Chestnut Mare, Hf Lady Truffles – a 2007 Gray Mare and Aphrodite ORA – a 2010 Chestnut Mare. Two of our Mares are expected to foal this coming year of 2015 to carry out their legacy bloodlines.

Arabians with legacy bloodlines can, when married to equally outstanding stallions, produce promising fillies and colts. Please feel free to take a look at our Mares and their legacy blood lines and when they foal we will have them posted here as well.